Blog: 20 Easy Ways to Earn Brownie Points With Your Lady

I firmly believe there are a huge variety of ways that guys could earn themselves mega brownie points with their partners without expending too much effort, and I’ve always wondered why they don’t cash in on it. When confronting the males in my life with this question, the response I get most often is a blank look, and then the question, “Like what?”

So, here is my “like what”. Every woman is different, but I am fairly certain you will be able to find something on this list to enchant even the most expectant of ladies!

 1. Tell her she is beautiful.

I think guys underestimate how much women love to be told they look good! My suggestion is to be creative about it. Remark on her gorgeous eyes or perfect legs; trust me, we eat that stuff up.

2. Back rub/ Foot rub.

It can sometimes seem like a huge effort to give a back rub, but even if you do it sporadically, you are considered a king among men. Foot rubs are a cunning alternative; try mindlessly rubbing her feet while you are watching a movie.
3. Open doors for her.

Such a simple gesture, but one that wins you points on two levels; first, with your lady, and secondly, with anyone else who might be a witness to your chivalry, especially her friends.

4. Flowers.

Bring home flowers spontaneously, or, even better, have them delivered to her work. Unexpected flowers for no reason will make her the envy of all her female co-workers. This is definitely something that you want to happen.

5. Pay attention to detail.

This will become effortless after a little practice. Try and be aware of any changes in her appearance. Does her hair look different? Tell her it looks great. Does she look great in some item of clothing? Comment! Ask her if it is new. Even if it isn’t, she will love that you have shown interest.

 6. PDAs.

There is no need to go overboard, but a simple kiss on the cheek, or holding her hand for half a block will make her feel desirable and that you are proud to be seen with her.

7. Text her when you are out with the boys.

I am sure you are a perfect gentleman, but unfortunately boys’ nights have a certain stigma attached to them. A quick text will allay any anxieties she might have, and possibly make her feel more kindly towards future celebrations.

8. Change your phone background to a picture of her.

Easy points my friend! This one will have her feeling flattered and cherished.

9. Put the toilet seat down.


10. Bring her Mom a gift.

If you are going to her folk’s house for dinner, bring her Mom some flowers, or a bottle of wine. This timeless tradition will speak volumes of you as a gentleman.

10. Housekeeping.

Remember how awesome it was to get home from school and find that your Mom had cleaned your room spotless? As a modern gentleman, you probably share the household chores, but know that your lady will be thrilled to walk into a freshly cleaned room when she least expects it.

11. Bring her coffee in bed.

Wake up five minutes before her and brew some coffee, or pop out to your local favourite and pick up some espresso. For some reason, being catered to in bed can truly make a girl feel like a princess!

12. Leave her a note.

Modern technology has had the useful consequence of making the hand written word appear romantic and thoughtful. If you leave the house first, leave her a quick note on the mirror telling her to have a lovely day. It will make her feel warm and fuzzy all morning.

13. Take her on a proper date.

Dating shouldn’t end with courtship. Try and think of something special or different to do for your outing, and have it arranged from beginning to end. No need to break the bank! How about Sunday brunch followed by browsing the markets? Or spending a couple of hours at a gaming arcade?

14. Have her back.

Just say your partner has had an argument with her friend, or is complaining about her food at a restaurant. Unless she is being totally unreasonable, agree that her friend shouldn’t have said that! Her food was undercooked, and there is nothing wrong with alerting the waitress to that fact! Take opportunities such as these to show your support.

15. Introduce her properly.

Unfortunately, in this day and age the beauty of formal introduction has been somewhat neglected. If you’re with your girl at the supermarket and chance upon one of your co-workers, even for just a brief encounter, be sure to present her as befits the leading lady in your life.

16. Be protective.

So there is a fellow called Ben at her work that pops up in conversation every now and then… Although I am sure your lady is trustworthy, it will still tickle her if you ask a few questions about this character. This is a fine line to walk; – you don’t want to come across as crazy jealous, but if you play this right, you will make her feel like you think she is too desirable for any male who meets her not to take an interest.

17. Cop the bad days.

Sometimes, a girl will have a bad day. On these days we are unreasonable, prone to tears, and overreact to everything. If you can weather this out, and keep offering her reassurance, she will eventually get back to her normal self and adore you all the more for seeing her through her dark hours.

18. Take interest in her hobbies.

Does your partner attend yoga regularly? Ask her about her classes! What’s the teacher like? What poses does she find difficult? Even if it is not a shared interest, it is easy to ask specific questions that will let her know that what is important to her is important to you.

19. Involve her in your hobbies.

As a direct follow-on to the last point, try to include her in the parts of your life that might not naturally appeal to her. If you are an advanced skier, but she is a rookie, invite her to the mountain and spend the entire day on the bunny hill with her. One day will win you one million brownie points, especially if you can do it graciously.

20. Choose a song.

Tell her a song reminds you of her. No one has to hear of it but you two…and possibly all her friends if you pick the right one. Is there a song about being the luckiest man in the world? Pick that one! She will be thrilled.

Some of these items may seem like such trivial details, but the littlest thing can make the biggest difference to a woman! Good luck!


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