Product Description: The Penny Nickle Baja

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Penny Baja SkateboardPenny 27” Baja

Did someone say fiesta? The Baja 27” board definitely brings the colour to the party! Inspired by the many vibrant colours and vibes of the Mexican culture, this graphic borrows from the zesty style of ponchos and traditional Baja blankets in a design that will not go unnoticed.

The Set Up
A carefully selected set of components from Penny Skateboard’s famously first-rate range has you covered when it comes to the style and sturdiness of your new ride.

Wheels and Bearings
Aqua coloured 59mm 78A wheels bring another striking splash of colour to the fiesta, and the high quality, chip-resistant formula will have you enjoying an even ride for longer. Penny Skateboard’s Albec7 bearings complete the sensation of one of the smoothest rides out there.

4” powder coated trucks in white are a nice contrast to the Penny Baja’s loud colours, and the high quality aluminium construction is sure to keep your ride light, strong, and ready to carve.

Colour coded high tensile bolts keep your Penny accessorized down to the last detail, with hues that contrast to your hot pink deck to keep the colour party going.


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