Review: Felix for Goodness Bar and Cafe

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Felix for Goodness: Bar and Café
By Emma Lee

Felix 2

I found this little gem on a hunt for a café in the CBD that served almond milk coffee. It’s tucked in down Burnett Lane off Albert Street, right near the centre of Queen Street Mall. Burnett Lane may be a hipster haven these days, but as a Brisbane native I have always thought of it as the delivery truck road between Showgirls and whatever gelato shop is trending.


  • All-day breakfast items and lunch dishes between 7am – 2:30pm
  • $25 Pasta and Plonk special
  • Tapas and pasta in the evenings
  • Local, organic produce
  • Drink menu is entirely Australian
  • My fave: the atmosphere

Fun fact: Burnett Lane is Brisbane’s oldest laneway and used to be a prison exercise yard!

Imagine my surprise to discover that Felix for Goodness is a delightful hole-in-the wall bar and café, gorgeous in its super ‘now’ décor and complete with an edgy waitress who definitely wouldn’t have deigned to talk to me at high school.
Since I happened upon Felix at 5.30pm, my companion and I quickly abandoned plans for coffee and settled back with a glass of wine and an appetiser of grilled flat bread with a tasty baba ganoush style dip.

Felix 1

There was an enticing ‘Pasta and Plonk’ special involving pasta and glass of wine for $25 that I could definitely be persuaded to try another night.

The petite menu offers cute tapas and pasta in the evenings and a range of all-day breakfast items and lunch dishes between 7am – 2:30pm. The kitchen prides themselves on using local, organic produce and the drink menu is entirely Australian, but atmosphere is the main feature of Felix.

Surrounded by wood, brick, and artfully hanging chains you will never believe you are in the heart of the BrisVegas shopping precinct. Unfinished paintwork, succulents in jars and a very urban view of Burnett Lane will have you feeling like some loft-dwelling art critic after just one glass of chardy.

Stop by today to enjoy a post work drink and a serving of ambience that is bound to make you feel cooler.

The info:

Address: 50 Burnett Lane, Brisbane, QLD 4000
Tel: (07) 3161 7966
Hours: Monday and Tuesday 7am to 3pm (kitchen closes at 2.30pm) /Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7am to 9.30pm (kitchen closed from 2.30pm to 4.30pm) /Saturday 8am to 2pm


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